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Frequently Asked Questions


  This page covers some of the most frequently asked questions submitted by our viewers & subscribers.  Refer to this page to resolve questions you may have.

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General Questions about FossilTrax

Who works for FossilTrax?

  The FossilTrax team is comprised of a group of individual investors.  We purchase several of the stocks in our research portfolio.  None of the research team members are employed by Oil & Gas companies, and are forbidden to accept payment from any of the companies that we cover.

Is there an Investment "Guarantee" if we utilize your market info?

  No.  You won't find that with any free or for pay information service.  Investing is an individual choice, and the choices you make (either good or bad) determine your returns.  We do try our best to provide the kind of research that will help you to make informed investing decisions.  We do not however, offer any investment advice.  If you need that kind of support our suggestion is to find & utilize a reputable financial advisor.  We will likely be adding that information to our newsletter along with suggestions for discount brokers.  Many of those companies also have licensed staff on hand to assist you with your trades.

Does FossilTrax just report on the top companies?

  No.  We research and find companies that have the greatest overall potential for sustainable growth.  They will be in the Oil & Gas industry or a peripheral infrastructure company that is relied upon by the industry.  Some of the highlighted companies may have a lower market value at the time we cover them with the expectation for emerging growth.  That's no guarantee that they will ultimately break out and perform, but the potential exists.

  We will also point out some of the pitfall companies.  Those are companies that would generally be sell candidates, but we will just categorize them as underperformers.  We make no investment recommendations for buy or sell to anyone as we are not financial advisors.  We provide independent research only. 

Do you just highlight penny stocks, or OTC issues?

  No.  In fact many of our covered companies are listed on the NYSE.  We actually tend to shy away from companies with a stock issue price of less than $1.  We may from time to time include research on such a company, but it will usually be one that has demonstrated a "niche" market potential and their earnings show consistent growth.

What is your track record?

  This is a new research company.  For that reason our data commences with 2008.  It will be a growing track record.  Some of our researchers have been active in the stock and funds markets for many years, and they bring that level of knowledge as accomplished investors with them.  The stats for this year are impressive.  The research contained in the report will be reproducible by anyone from looking up stats in other online or print resources if they choose to.  Numbers don't lie. 

NOTICE: Oil & Gas Scams:

  Beware of get rich quick scams where unscrupulous people try to get you to "invest" in sure bets.  Here is a link to a warning generated by the SEC.