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About Us


What is FossilTrax & What is our purpose?

  FossilTrax is an independent research company dedicated to finding the best companies that are traded on the open market for our readers.  This information is delivered via a subscribed newsletter, and by this website.  We are not Financial Advisors - just researchers, and we use multiple resources available in the digital realm to identify investment potentials.  Any investor in today's market must rely heavily on performance records, financial data, and industry trends to achieve portfolio growth over time.

  Our methodology & results are posted within the various pages of this website.  It is up to the individual investor to make their own decisions for any purchase or sale of stocks on the open market.  We are not affiliated with any Oil or Gas company & the opinions or research posted on our website & newsletter distributed via email is based purely on research & information that is publicly available from numerous sources.  We have no insider information other than what is published on a number of web sites & print publications.

  Why is this of interest to an investor?  The time spent poring over literally reams of information resources is a daunting task.  We sift through the data for you & point out the promising candidates for investment.  You can then hone in on a targeted company for yourself to decide if you would like to invest or sell assets.  Time is money.  You decide what is best for you & after viewing our research articles you can decide if what we offer is for you or not.

  Our Team is comprised of individual investors that actually engage in common stock & ETF funds purchase on a routine basis.  We use the tools that are available in the open market to make informed decisions and encourage you to first sample our free offerings to see if our performance meets with your own expectations.

  Our service is offered at far less cost than almost any of the other market newsletters available today that charge a fee.  We categorize Oil & Gas companies in terms of earnings, volume of intraday trading, and expected performance ratings.  We will also provide external links to other sources of information so you don't have to search for them. 

Fossil Fuels are nearing Peak Production

  One thing is for sure.  The energy market relating to fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal) is becoming very volatile and that volatility can be a force in either producing huge losses through investment, or significant gains over time.  The next 20 or more years will be a time where energy derived from fossil fuels takes a front seat in terms of transportation, food production, and global commerce in general.  We intend to do the research to find those companies that exhibit the following:

A.  Growth potential.
B.  Increasing earnings.
C.  Market potential.
D.  Increasing share value. 

  We encourage you to be informed, invest wisely, and prosper in this ever changing market.  If our research helps you to find "pearls" in the rough to accomplish your own goals, then we will have accomplished our mission.

NOTICE: Oil & Gas Scams:

  Beware of get rich quick scams where unscrupulous people try to get you to "invest" in sure bets.  Here is a link to a warning generated by the SEC.