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Weekly Oil & Gas Markets Review - News
  Primarily this page will be updated to include links to other resources on the Internet that have pertinence to the changing markets.  It may include contract information, earnings reports, or any other items of valuable nature that our viewers may be interested in reading.  We will not post information links that are "sales" related.  We will hold true to our independent status as a research resource for independent investors.

  FossilTrax is not an investment advisory firm. We only provide independent market research. Any investments made by our viewers or subscribers are individual decisions whether or not they utilize our data. We accept no responsibility for stocks or funds that do not perform. The acceptance of risk resides solely with the investor.

NOTICE: Oil & Gas Scams:

  Beware of get rich quick scams where unscrupulous people try to get you to "invest" in sure bets.  Here is a link to a warning generated by the SEC.


August 10th 2008 Update:

  Oil & Gas stocks are currently being hammered due to a decrease in demand, and improvements in U.S. currency globally.  Stay tuned for more updates as this situation stabilizes & then improves over time. 

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