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Our Research Selection Criteria

How we select Stocks and Funds for our Newsletter

  The method is fairly simple, but involves a lot of searching and in-depth research before we add any issue to our newsletter.  The individual elements of this criteria is as follows:

A. Growth Potential

  A stock or fund chosen by us to track will demonstrate a potential for significant growth for the next 6-12 months or longer.  We follow these companies or funds on a daily basis & monitor news headlines & financial events to ensure that they will continue to meet our Growth Potential criteria.

B. Increasing Earnings

  We do not track stocks that have continued or increasing deficits of earnings.  If a promising company has had a single bad quarter that doesn't mean that we may choose to drop them.  In business, one quarter does not necessarily paint a bad overall picture.  Continued losses do, and we react accordingly when this is evident.  Stock Funds don't qualify for this check in general, so this criteria element is removed when selecting ETF's or general stock funds.  Funds are more dependent on Increasing Share Values.

C. Market Potential

  The Market Potential aspect of our criteria relates to trends in the Oil & Gas Markets.  If an issue or fund is demonstrating that it has demand in the current market, and has the resources or appreciation track record to provide a sustained return based on demand it passes this criteria aspect.

D. Increasing share value

  We select stocks or funds that have demonstrated a gradual or significant gain in market pricing.  We won't jump on selections for IPO's, or penny stocks that may have a very short run-up in market value for a short time period.  We may mention these issues in editorials, but they will not be added to our primary tracking lists unless they demonstrate sustained performance over time.  Increasing share value is the most important aspect to consider along with increasing earnings.  The days of selecting a stock based on dividends alone is over.  It takes market appreciation to return value to any portfolio over the short- to mid-term.  Our goal is to focus on companies and funds that provide indicators for growth over a 6 month to 1 year timeframe.  That being said, many of our selections will actually be long-hold candidates for many investors.  If something develops with one of our tracked issues we will notify our subscribers that conditions have changed, and that the tracked issue is being dropped from our watch list.