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Privacy & Subscription Policies

Privacy Policy:

  Your online privacy is of utmost concern to us.  As this is an electronic distribution research site, we provide products & information only on an electronic basis.  That being considered, we do not re-sell any contact information required by us to send our information to you.  A plain talk no-nonsense policy description is that we do not share any of your information provided to us with any other party.  When you subscribe, payment information is provided by you to our third party payment processor (Google Checkout).  You handle every aspect of that transaction securely.  Even your credit card information is invisible to FossilTrax.com.  At your option you may subscribe to services offered by that vendor at your own choosing, but we are not involved in any such decision that you may choose to make.  Google Checkout is one of the premier payment processors & has many security measures in place to protect your information.

Subscription Policy:

  The annual subscription price is not refundable after the first transmission of newsletters or update email transmissions made to you.  This policy is in place as our research would likely help an investor to recover the price of any subscription we offer within a very short time.  You will have the benefit of our services immediately upon receipt of the first product that we offer.  It wouldn't be fair to us if you received a newsletter, cancelled your subscription and then profited from our research.  We only offer 1 year subscriptions presently so if you are not happy with our service your expense is minimal.  You will still be able to analyze our research & possibly use it to make informed personal investment decisions.  We are not investment consultants or advisors, just market researchers.  If you have detailed questions, please submit them via our feedback page prior to ordering a subscription.  If you are unsure about any aspect of ordering a subscription from FossilTrax.com please don't submit an order.  We think we provide a valuable research product to informed investors & help to save time for our subscribers by doing daily & upfront research on stocks and funds that meet with our criteria described on the first page of our sample newsletter which you can view for free by clicking here.  You can also view a detailed description of what criteria we use to select good candidates by viewing our Selection Criteria page by clicking here.


 FossilTrax.com is not an investment advisory firm.  We only provide independent market research.  Any investments made by our viewers or subscribers are individual decisions whether or not they utilize our data.  We accept no responsibility for stocks or funds that do not perform as desired, or expected in the open market.

The acceptance of risk resides solely with the investor.